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Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness


How many more examples of abuse of power do we need

It’s really easy to ask people to help. We like helping out if our resources allow. Sometimes we go beyond our capacity to help.

When it comes to social justice, where do we start? Is it so overwhelming that sometimes we look the other way?

So as Derek Chauvin used his position of power to kill George Floyd, and Prince Andrew used his position of power to exploit young girls, and Harvey Weinstein used his position of power to rape women in the movie industry, and Dominic Cummings used his position of power to bypass the lockdown, and Anne Sacoolas uses her position as the wife of a diplomat to avoid taking responsibility for killing a young man, and Amy Cooper thinks it’s OK to weaponize the police against a respectable black man, how do we cope with all of this?

Is this really the world we want to accept as ‘the way it is’? Remember these are just the injustices that we know about. It’s been going on for a long time – what is it we haven’t learned yet about abuse of power.

I believe that humans are not cut out for having power over others. I believe that having so much power that you can judge and victimise others is way beyond our human capacity. And I believe that we foist power onto others and then we say that it’s good and special so the people given the power believe they have to put on a good show at all costs or risk losing their power and the humiliation that comes with it.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

There’s a difference between using ‘power over’ others and using your power from within to lead. The Dialogue Road Map and Nonviolent Communication shows us how to find the difference.


The Wednesday Whisper

Did you ever or do you use power over another person? How did they react?


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