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A Motto for your life


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


The Wednesday Whisper


What’s important to you?

This week we had another training day for the DRM 2021 group. We worked on an exercise that connects us to our humanity. In one part of the exercise we write a motto for our life. The variety of mottos was delightful to share with each other, mine for example is ‘Everything Matters and Nothing Matters’. What struck me is that even in the variety there was a commonality about presence, love, care and kindness. None of the mottos were about high achievement or lofty goals.

It’s in this presence to our humanity our greatest gifts are to be found.


Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

The connections I make in life are my most important source of joy. To be honoured with the privilege of sharing our pain and our peace together without the desire to preach, diagnose or fix is the gift of living. Standing in each other’s reflection without judgement is where love dwells.

The Wednesday Whisper

Where are you able to stand naked and feel the safety of another’s love? Who can stand naked in front of you without judgement?


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