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When the tyres of spirituality hit the ground

Much of my work with communities and groups revolves around the gap between intention and action.

Communities that have high spiritual ideals face a greater challenge when conflict rears its ugly head because their teachings usually insist on love, mercy and forgiveness. And when individuals within a community find their capacity for love, mercy and forgiveness tested beyond the boundaries of their tolerances, the tendency is to fall back onto the power structures which we were indoctrinated with as children. And, when that only serves to escalate the conflict it gives rise to shock and shame which can put a community into paralysis.

So, when the tyres of spirituality hit the ground, how do we create a smooth landing instead of a crash or a skid?

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

I have been called to work with several communities this year. When asked why I do it, the answer was spontaneous. Right now, the world needs healthy and functioning places that are alternatives to the corporatization of our planet. When David and I bring the tools of ‘governance without ruling’, ‘professional process design’ and ‘restorative practice through dialogue’, we see amazing shifts in the functioning and health.

The Wednesday Whisper 

If you see yourself as a community of cells, would you like to become a healthy and functioning alternative to consumerism?


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