If you haven’t heard about the big fundraising event we’re organising then we’ve failed in keeping you up to speed with our plans. More on that in a minute. One of the things I say over and over again is that we should never, ever compromise.


To be clear I found a couple of definitions of compromise

  • settle a dispute by mutual concession
  • expediently accept standards that are lower than is desirable.


And for the word ‘concession’ I am applying this definition

  • a thing that is granted, especially in response to demands.


So, with these definitions in mind, I have found myself faced with the possibility of compromising almost every day as I work through the journey of planning this amazing event. Working with the gorgeous team, we get faced with challenges around what we would like and what we can invest because every penny we spend is a penny less for the project out of what we raise. So, do we compromise or hold out for what we want? How do we measure the risks? How do we select from all the ideas? What ideas do we reject?


Yes, we could just use a logical, methodical process of pros and cons and go with the rational answer. But while that satisfies my head, it frustrates my soul and leaves an icky feeling in my tummy.


The process that works for mind, body and soul is definitely not to compromise but to change.

  • make or become different.


When I use the Dialogue Road Map, I can change instead of compromise. The difference is surprising.


To find out more, please come and enjoy a great evening of theatre, food and meeting great people. Check it out here

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