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Just another messy divorce

In the UK over 40% of opposite sex marriages end in divorce and there are around 100,000 divorces every year. Most people will know someone who has been through a divorce and have felt the impact of a divorce, if not on themselves, on someone in the family or close friendship circle. Peaceful Solutions has a lot of experience of the adversarial and protracted divorce battles in which money becomes a proxy for unexpressed grief. And, if the real grieving never takes place, it is played out through the on-going co-parenting relationship where the children and extended family bear the brunt.

Then the thought struck me. Call me mad if you will, but Brexit is a replica of a really bad divorce. What if the Brexit battle is a place where a group of politicians who were adversely impacted by divorce are unconsciously re-enacting the trauma in a high stakes drama, where the population are the children either begging their parents not to break up or hoping the marriage will end to stop the pain?

Now, the family court recognised that mediation is an important step in trying to bring people to agreements. So what Brexit needs is the wisdom and experience of Family Mediators, Parenting consultants and Trauma specialists.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, we will feel the effects of a bad break-up for a long time to come. Even if Brexit was called off, a lot of damage has been done to our soul.

The Wednesday Whisper

Are you carrying any unexpressed grief from broken relationships? If so, what would healing look like?

Are you interested in participating in a year-long training or do you know anyone you can pass this onto?

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