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Lunatic Leadership

Oxfam asks – What will you do?

Well in Oxfam’s case, in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, top staff paid Haitian prostitutes for sex. Senior aid workers were found to have paid for sex while involved in the massive clean-up operation.

The charity conducted an internal investigation which led to three men being sacked for gross misconduct while four others were allowed to resign. The report from 2011, kept hidden by Oxfam until now, also expressed concerns that some of the prostitutes were underage yet none of those involved have faced any criminal investigation.

Of course we would be naïve not to understand that once an organisation reaches a certain size it’s going to attract predators seeking to exploit someone else’s misfortune for their own personal gain.

The Lunatic Leadership here is allowing the outcome to be a few people losing their jobs. Given that sex offenders in the UK remain on a register (whether or not we agree with that system is not the discussion here), how do the people involved in this case escape that fate with the collusion of a multi-million pound charity funded by the UK government?

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I’m thinking about funding this week. Running the Centre for Peaceful Solutions has been a tightrope walk balancing fundraising and delivering projects. We’ve had a lot of support and we’ve worked really hard to keep going. I’m realising that fundraising is the never ending task that means there is never a time when all the work is done.

The Wednesday Whisper

What’s your never ending task?

Running a charity involves asking for help and support.

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