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Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness


The Wednesday Whisper

Seeing beyond ourselves

In the midst of the uncertainty of 2020, it’s easy to become indifferent and insular especially when we have been adversely affected by events. And it’s exactly at these times when it’s good to remember that the smallest kindness or contribution to someone else’s wellbeing will help us to contextualise our own predicament and remind us that the world is still turning.

Whether it’s remembering to smile, share some expressions of gratitude or a random act of kindness, a mindful moment of expanding beyond the self is a great way to connect with humankind and you never know how much a simple act might mean to another person.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

Last week I was moved when a prisoner called me because he remembered that my daughter was awaiting her relocation judgement. It meant a lot to me to have been remembered by someone who is in a far worse situation in prison. (And for those of you who are wondering, relocation was granted by the judge).


The Wednesday Whisper

19th August is World Humanitarian Day. What kind act could you commit to do today in support of a fellow human?


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