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The blog has taken a new shape for 2018. Based on the feedback, I have divided the blog into 3 sections:

Lunatic Leadership – decisions that that make things worse for people

Maria’s Mindfulness Moment – reporting on how well I am living to my own values

Wednesday Whisper – a prompt for keeping the week sweet


This week I will briefly cover all topics, starting with:

Daleks for real (minus the sink plunger)


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness  


the Wednesday Whisper

Lunatic Leadership

When a story that should be a prank is real

I saw this story just before Christmas. Initially I thought that it was a prank but alas this has happened and is growing.

A robot has been hired to SHOO AWAY homeless human beings from outside the offices of a non-profit organisation in San Francisco. The irony hasn’t been lost here, on further research into the story I discover that the company in question dedicates itself to the prevention of cruelty to animals. 

And, it gets better…

The robot can be hired for $7 an hour, which is $3 less than the minimum wage.

I’m seeing a similarity between this machine and a dalek – merciless, demanding total conformity and bent on the removal of something they see as inferior.

Here’s a dalek…

And the link below shows the modern version – it’s minus the sink plunger.

I wonder if the inventor was a Dr Who fan in the 70s?

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

In December I made a promise to claim my time back. The questions I have been reflecting on are about how to use my time. On the one hand, there is a lot I want to get on with and achieve and on the other, I wonder what a simpler life would be like? I am asking myself to slow down and take the time to experience those things so that I can appreciate, savour and enjoy special moments.

The Wednesday Whisper

What could you savour right now?

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