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I don’t need support…

One thing we are all aware of is co-dependency or, at least, you have heard the phrase bandied about. It is a popular term based on the premise that one person in a relationship enables the other in their dysfunctional issue and there is a heavy reliance on another for approval and identity.  Clearly this is not a healthy way to live.

However, I have also noticed the opposite which I call emotional self-sufficiency. This where a person continuously  appears to be strong, invincible and never needing emotional support. It’s not something we talk about very often and it can even be seen as praiseworthy.

I became very interested in emotional self-sufficiency and observed it in myself and others. I notice it is just as damaging as co-dependency for the individual and for society.

The older I get and the more I use the Dialogue Road Map for myself, my relationships and to train others, the more I realise that our vulnerability is our biggest strength. I said this to the prisoners who are DRM Facilitators at Dartmoor and they really got it. That was a rewarding moment.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

Old habits die hard so whenever I tell myself that I am coping, managing and in charge of what I am feeling, I recognise that this is the exact moment when I need to get support.

The Wednesday Whisper

What is your emotional self-sufficiency habit? Where will you seek support?


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