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Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


OK, so now I have concerns.

Whatever your views on David Icke, one thing is for sure, he is not a purveyor of hate. The opposite in fact. His message is oneness. So I am shocked and surprised (and I hope you will be too) to find he has been banned from YouTube and Facebook.

This blog is not about David Icke. He is just an example. It’s about Freedom of Speech. I understand that not everything called Free Speech is actually Free Speech, some of it is Noxious Speech intentionally designed to incite injury, loss or harm (and whether it still counts as free speech is not for today’s topic) and is very different to Unpopular Speech which promotes different views to the majority or mainstream without inciting hatred or violence (which is not the same as inciting civil disobedience).

And now Unpopular Speech is being interfered with by private companies who are heavily invested with Government policies. It is of concern to all of us that we are seeing a fast growing pattern of powerful plutocratic companies collaborating with the US and UK government to decide what ideas we are allowed to engage with. Allowed to continue, this is a dangerous path in which rapidly promoting speech from the authorities while slowly banning other speech is used as a mask to lead us into an era of controlled information. For example, media outlets have been banned from linking Corona Virus to 5G by Ofcom. The trick here is not to focus on 5G and CV, it’s to see how information is suppressed. There are many health and science beliefs that were laughed at and then subsequently were proven correct. How does a media regulator decide this for us?

In my worst case scenario, this is the 21st Century version of book burning until all divergent opinions have been eliminated and young people of the future will not miss Free Speech or Free Thinking because they never had it. And, the internet becomes a pipeline for propaganda.

In my best case scenario, we individually and collectively make it clear that we do not want to be controlled in this way.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I have a message of an alternative to the mainstream hierarchical systems which use power-over by the few to control the many. It’s a message in which we use nonviolence as our being, restorative practice as our doing and the Dialogue Road Map and Nonviolent Communication as our speaking.


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