Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness Moments

-Thomas M. Sterner-

If you have ever tried to give something up you will be fully aware of how much effort goes into the process. It seems that the minute you decide to make ‘the change’ the demons in your head, or what is often referred to as the negative mind, manages to find a louder tone than the voice of reason. For example, a friend recently decided to reduce her intake of sugar only to find that she started eating more in the days after she made the statement. Everything sweet suddenly seemed more alluring. Does this sound familiar?

You’ll be relieved to discover that it’s nothing to do with weakness it’s actually an inbuilt protective mechanism. The negative mind has a purpose. Its job is to raise the alarm when something seems out of the ordinary or when a sudden change from habit occurs. If you think about that on a cellular level. If you alter something in your lifestyle, diet, work environment too quickly It’s often a shock to the system and usually results in the inability to stick with your plan. This protection mechanism, albeit somewhat skewed, is important and extremely clever, and in many ways should be celebrated.

Before changes can be made, all sides of the internal dialogue must be heard. The discussion with each voice should be had. The work must start on an intellectual level and only then can the physical habit be addressed. Or as Thomas Sterner says. Choose your habits wisely.

So with that in mind:

What good habit would you like to develop?

How would you start your internal conversation?


With love, light and gratitude. Maria Arpa -x-


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