How is it the end of November? I blinked and 11 months went past. Phrases like ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ spring to mind. I find it very easy to be busy and keep a full schedule going. There’s another phrase that says ‘if you want something doing ask a busy person’. That’s me. I’m that busy person who seems to be able to manipulate time to fit in yet another task, project or meeting and I thrive on it. 

But what about when there is a demand too far on my resources. That’s a moment when all the skills the Dialogue Road Map teaches me come in useful.

It’s at those precise moments when I remember that my schedule is my choice. I choose to take that phone call. I choose to open that email. I choose to do the work I do. It is not anyone else’s responsibility that I run my life the way I run it.

What matters is how I speak to myself and others in during those pressure points. That’s how we can discover whether filling time is just a strategy of avoidance and distraction or whether we are in fulfilment of our life choices.

My responses to self and others in moments of pressure is a barometer. I can reflect and change based on the reading.

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