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After 2 weeks in Hempstead NY, I hit the ground running. On Monday I gave a talk at Wellington College. On Tuesday I gave a talk at Reading School. On Wednesday I had a meeting with a funder and an event management meeting, yesterday I gave a talk at the Global Foundation for the Elimination of Domestic Violence Youth Council and today I had a partnership meeting in Manchester to talk about a project to help girls in gangs. Next week I am delivering a peer mediation course to a Primary School in Kilburn, visiting a prisoner we trained 4 years ago and meeting with a University that might support our prison work.


So here’s the conversation I’m having with myself:

Maria Voice Number 1: This is amazing. It’s really happening. The Dialogue Road Map is becoming recognised. How lucky am I to be doing what I love?

Maria Voice Number 2: You’re working stupid hours, you’re obsessed and you are missing important stuff like calling your son and daughter for a chat or attending to your 87 year old mum

Maria Voice Number 1: But you’ve spent the last 20 years working towards this, you need to work through this, it’s all coming to fruition and it’s amazing

Maria Voice Number 2: You’re taking everyone for granted including David. It’s not sustainable.

Maria’s Inner Mediator: It sounds to me as if one part of you is enjoying savouring the fruits of your labour and another part of you is wondering if there is a personal cost to this that won’t show up until there’s a problem?

Maria’s Voice Number 1 & 2 in Unison: YES

Maria’s Voice Number 3: Will you lot shut up, I’m trying to be reflective and centred over here.

Maria’s Inner Mediator: What needs to happen to satisfy all three of you?

Maria’s Voice Number 1: (Grudgingly) I suppose Voice Number 2 has a point about it not really being sustainable but I don’t want to give anything up

Maria’s Voice Number 2: I don’t want you to give anything up. I want you to have time to enjoy everything in your life.

Maria’s Voice Number 1: I suppose, if I don’t do that then I’m not being all I can be.

Maria’s Inner Mediator: So if I understand, the possibility of enjoying all aspects of your life is something you would like. How could you plan for that?

Maria’s Voice Number 1: Factor in some breaks?

Maria’s Voice Number 2: Well, you are where you are and it is all exciting so keeping the momentum is a good thing. Just not indefinitely. When is the next time you could actually stop and regroup?

Maria’s Voice Number 1: 1st October after all the events and trainings are completed there’s a gap before I go back to Hempstead.

Maria’s Inner Mediator: What’s this feeling like for all of us?

Maria’s Voice Number 1 & 2 in Unison: Much Better

Maria’s Inner Mediator: What does this plan look like in reality?

Maria’s Inner Voice Number 2: Carry on until end of September and love every moment knowing we are going to have a reflective pause from 1st October for at least one week

Maria’s Inner Voice Number 1: Yes and we can use the time to rest, look back with satisfaction, get in the present, have family time and play with all the future possibilities.

Maria’s Inner Voice Number 3: Alleluia!!

Maria Complete: Sorted.


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