Salina arrived a first meeting in pieces because her grandmother, who she had been very close to, had died suddenly. Her grandmother was the one person who had supported her through her parent’s hostile divorce which involved moving country with her mother and her mother’s lover, leaving her father behind.

Her mother had alienated her from her father and he remarried and had a new family. Salina and her mother did not get on and she experienced her mother as critical of her.

At 30 years of age, Salina felt that without her grandmother she had no one to call on. She had never been in a relationship, lived alone and was having a hard time at work with a bullying line manager and not having been brought up in the UK did not have any long term friends nearby.

Salina was telling herself that her life was a failure and that she would never find love, happiness or a fulfilling career.

We entered into a healing therapeutic relationship using the Dialogue Road Map. Over the course of two years with sessions roughly every two weeks, Salina has grieved her loss of her grandmother, made inner peace with her mother so that she is not affected by her comments, ditched her job and become self-employed, bought a house and been on several dates. She has found her inner compass, met likeminded people and has big plans for the future.


Names have been changed.


The Dialogue Road Map promotes change through choice. It helps individuals to turn off the ‘noise’ of other people’s opinions and helps us to find our strong, true inner voice. This voice is quiet, it doesn’t shout or make a fuss so to hear it we need to find calm and peace inside. Finding it involves embracing all the other voices and retiring the ones which are not helpful.

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