Putting each other on probation?


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When we buy into ‘power over’  

Probation can refer to people being released from prison or people starting a new job. It is a period of time when a person can ‘prove’ they can meet a set of criteria in order to be trusted. In those cases there is usually a ‘probation officer’ that could be the line manager whose job is to assess whether the probationer has passed the test.

This idea of jumping through hoops to convince others we are trustworthy has seeped into everyday life. I see it in all sorts of relationships and especially in how we treat children. Of course, we all make mistakes and sometimes we do things which are different to what was agreed or expected.

Putting each other on probation makes life very miserable and especially for the ‘probation officer’ who has now become a detective and judge. Instead dialogue, curiosity and problem solving are much more likely to bring about wisdom to make better quality choices for all involved.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

I have held several very sensitive situations that have been put into stalemate because of the level of threat to each other. Living in stalemate is not living, it’s surviving.

The Wednesday Whisper 

Has someone put you on probation? Have you put someone on probation? What’s the release date?

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