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Why we choose the job we do.

When putting the blog together I do some research around the news or personal events and craft the blog around a reflection. This week I started looking at news items and then I got into a bit of overwhelm.

As I look around the news stories, from an 8 year old girl who died from being raped over and over again by 16 men, including relatives, to the hiring a government advisor with supremacist views and everything in between, I wondered how we are supposed to cope?

Have we reached a time when it is no longer OK to carry on as usual or is continuing as usual the only strategy that will keep us sane?

Given that we exist on a planet where Mother Earth is able to provide for all of us, how did we co-create a world of greed, exploitation, abuse and poverty for so many?

And when I ask that question, the enormity of the task becomes overwhelming.

The most convincing work I have come across is that of Joanna Macy called Transforming Despair. It allows us to feel the pain of the world and transform it into compassionate action. It’s worth looking at.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

Marshall Rosenberg introduced me to Joanna Macy’s work and it really helped me to look inside and make an agreement with myself to do what I can compassionately on a moment by moment basis.


The Wednesday Whisper

Do you ever reflect on the state of our world? Then what?


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