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Being OK with not knowing

I recently read an article on the concept of Consilience. This is the idea of unity of knowledge. What I understand from this is that science and the arts come together and form one explanation for everything that we can hold as truth. If humanity can agree on a single, rational worldview, the argument is that we can do better job solving our shared problems like climate change. At the same time we could also get rid of ‘bad’ ideas like God preferring some people to others. That’s a very unsafe path because who’s deciding?

Diversity of thinking and being is more important than ever in these times. Imagine boiling mysticism down to a single ‘rational’ biological truth. This could mean that the Shaman in South America is just having a chemical reaction to something in his brain or the Christian who feels the Holy Spirit inside them is experiencing indigestion or the Muslim channelling Allah’s wisdom is in a state of delusion. And once this rational truth has been decided, what is the fate of those who don’t want to live under the tyranny of one truth?

The idea of consilience is for me simply conflict avoidance. More than ever we need diversity of thought and belief AND we need the skills to dialogue and the tools to co-exist with many truths and be OK with not knowing and learning co-existence.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

My path is taking me to places and possibilities I never dreamed of. This is happening because whatever I think or believe, I know that I know nothing and I remain open to whatever shows up.

The Wednesday Whisper 

Where are you on the spectrum of Science and Mysticism?

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