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Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


The Wednesday Whisper


Did you meet yourself?

Chatting with friends this last couple of weeks as we get used to life after lockdown, I have been very heartened to hear that while the lockdown was hard and, for some, very lonely, the result is that people met themselves and discovered that not only did they get through it but found they liked their own company.

I heard friends saying that they were able to sit with themselves and come down from the busy frenzy that was their world pre-lockdown, into something more calm and measured.

It’s been wonderful to hear this discovery during what has been a hard time for many people.

Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

We all need to meet ourself. It’s one thing that people in mainstream spend the most amount of energy, time and money avoiding, and still we will meet ourself even if it is on our deathbed when the time to fall in love with ourself has passed.

The Wednesday Whisper

Have you fallen in love with yourself? Have you discovered how to fall in love with your real self, the authentic human?


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