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Our hope for sustainability

This month, I am engaging with a Native American Community. As part of a dialogue about what gifts we can share, my hope to discover whether the Dialogue Road Map can be useful is creating a learning opportunity for me about connection to nature and how this is at the heart of our sustainability.

Without doubt, Indigenous people around the world have been harmed by mainstream dominance. Healing is needed within those communities as they reclaim pride in their culture, language and traditions and take their place on the world stage as teachers for us to learn from without appropriating, diluting or colonizing. It is for us to shed our attachment to domination culture and become humble in the possibility that everything we ever learned about community and sustainability has not served us in the way we hoped.

To hear about watching the way the water flows across the land as it mimics the energy of the spirit of the community and how important the native language is, because its tones and sounds resonate with the frequencies of the land, is unravelling more of where the Dialogue Road Map can go, in order to meet the purpose of recognizing the part we play in being a moving part in an ecosystem that needs natural and healthy nourishment rather than unnatural, constructed feeding.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I am entering a very beautiful state of humbleness and awe which is helping me notice the many distractions which divert me from what is important in life – heart connection to all that is.


The Wednesday Whisper

How are you distracted from your heart connected purpose? What could you do to be mindful and acting on your purpose?


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