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A sacred space

If working from home is now a reality, how about creating a sacred space?

Whether you love your job or hate it, whether you like working from home or not and whether you’re working harder or slacking, one gift you can give yourself is to make your work space a sacred space. Whether it’s a laptop on the kitchen table or a whole home office, taking time to bless the space and honour yourself can change the energy and atmosphere of your working time and likewise, when you finish working, taking time to energetically close the space will also serve as a partition between work time and home time.

This can be as simple as a small prayer in your head or out loud, the lighting of a candle or burning incense. When you make a simple ritual a part of your routine, you can set your intentions and connect with yourself and your tasks mindfully. And, the days you forget or don’t bother are a good marker for asking yourself what got in the way of a simple mindful practice intended to give yourself love.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

My rituals range from simple to long depending on how much time I want to allot. Simple equals looking at the portrait of my deceased mother which hangs above my desk and was painted by a very dear friend and saying, ‘I’m starting work now’ to a full blown ritual of frankincense, chimes, gong and a moment of silence before beginning. My end of the day ritual is a little less regular because more often than not the wafting aroma of David’s culinary delights calls me to dinner.


The Wednesday Whisper

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