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Addiction to thinking


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


Staying in the now


As we navigate our world and the ups and downs of life, most of us are thinking about what’s happening and using thought to visit our hurts, defend ourselves, plan for happiness or make a game plan. Just like talking, if I talk all the time, I have no space to listen so if I think all the time, I have no space for anything else. In fact, if my attention is always on my thinking, I am actually not present to my life and neither am I in relationship with my reality.

Thinking in itself, used purposefully, is a healthy thing if used in moderation. Addiction to thinking is self imposed prison in which the past and the future reign while I miss the opportunity to be in the now.

One way of releasing myself from my thoughts is to meditate. Meditation is a space where I connect to something larger than myself. It takes us out of the mind and into the heart and soul of our very being. Many people find it hard to meditate because they are literally addicted to thinking and just like any addiction, it requires a certain amount of willingness, mindfulness and practice to adopt change. This is a process that takes time and is about learning something new.

Once mastered, meditation does not have an end goal. It is not a prescription. It is a space that I choose to visit because it offers me connection to life. It is a ‘being’ not a ‘doing’.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

This morning I visited my meditation space in advance of a ‘hectic’ day with some difficult conversations lined up. I experienced a sense of expansion and space and my ‘hectic’ day became a source of possibilities.


The Wednesday Whisper

Do you ever track just how much time you spend thinking?


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