Peaceful Solutions in Healthcare using Mindful Communication

Mental Health is a subject which touches all of us. One in four of us will have problems with our mental health at some time in our lives. Getting a diagnosis can be very helpful in determining the right treatment and at the same time a labelling a human being can be damaging to self-esteem and confidence.

In our work, we ask healthcare practitioners to see the human being beyond the diagnosis and use compassion and empathy to motivate the patient into better self-care. When a professional talks to a patient there is automatically a power imbalance in the relationship and we see it as the professional’s responsibility to communicate in such a way as to elicit the best possible response from the patient. The Dialogue Road Map is the perfect tool for mindful communication.

We work with Psychiatrists, Nurses, GP’s and other experts to introduce the Dialogue Road Map as an everyday communications tool.

This work has taken us to Rome, Brighton, Dublin and Cardiff

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