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Emotional Nourishment


As we are on the brink of more weeks of lock down and the shock of what has happened begins to settle down, I’m advocating for more than self reflection… I’m advocating for an emotional health check. As many people are on the front lines of this pandemic, working long hours in difficult conditions, risking their own lives to help others, they do not have time for pause. With this in mind, those of us that are working from home or furloughed and are not so concerned about immediate sustainability can make a good gift to society that won’t show up immediately but will pay dividends when the economic and mental health consequences begin to show themselves.

That gift is an emotional health check so that when we begin the mop up from what has happened, there are many of us who can hold the space calmly and compassionately for those who will be in melt down and reacting badly.

What I mean by an emotional health check is a real good look at self care, self talk and healing. I don’t mean narcissistic, ego driven self protection. I mean humbleness, vulnerability, compassion and empathy so that we can become emotionally nourished and resourced in the aftermath.

This might mean asking for professional help.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

Last week the 2020 DRM team discussed grief. We felt our sense of loss on a micro and macro level for self, other and the planet. I mourned that I live in a world where it is possible for two doctors to consider trying out a vaccine on people in Africa. ( The Emotional nourishment came from the compassion and empathy that we held for each other.


The Wednesday Whisper

How do you receive emotional nourishment?


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