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This week

Mind Laundry


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


The stories we tell our self


Chatting with my friend Pierre, recently furloughed as a restaurant manager, he referred to the times we are in as a period of self reflection which he called doing our mind laundry. Promising that I would credit him for the use of the phrase, it got me thinking about the stories we tell ourselves when the world isn’t behaving as we expect or would like.

Making up stories is one way of making sense of a situation. For example, my friend doesn’t call and I tell myself I have upset them. That is a story. Until I demonstrate interest in curiosity to find out what has prevented the friend from calling, it is just a story I made up. Problems arises when we act on those stories as if they are truth. And when we discover that nothing was further from the truth, what we do next and our ability to take self responsibility can escalate or heal a situation.

The Dialogue Road Map helps us to understand the stories we are telling our self and recognise them as just that, a story that may or may not have any truth in it.

I like the idea of sorting through those stories being Mind Laundry.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I have done a lot of Mind Laundry in my time and it really serves me to be aware of when I am writing a story. Then I can own it as entertainment or as a starting point for genuine curiosity and discovery


The Wednesday Whisper

When was the last time you did some Mind Laundry?


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