We’re supporting ex-prisoners to prevent re-offending.

Will you help us with ‘Life After Prison’?

We run events to help us fundraise for our projects or promote The Dialogue Road Map. Here are some examples of previous successful initiatives

Giraffe Ears Day – July 7th 2017.

A one-day celebration of all that make us wonderful in our humanity.

Giraffes have the biggest heart of any land mammal, so on Giraffe Ears Day we invite you to learn basic Giraffe language and spend the day:

  • Communicating mindfully from the heart
  • Listening to others with patience
  • Checking our reactions
  • Responding from a calm and peaceful place in every interaction

Click here to download the pdf for more information

Dartmoor Prison Project

20 years of research and practice led us to the understanding that some essential communication skills are missing from mainstream society. We are passionate about passing the Dialogue Road Map on to people so they reduce violence in their communities. Working in neighbourhoods, schools and prisons, we inspire others to find and nurture their inner mediator. Now, with the whole-hearted backing of its Governor, Deputy Governor and Managing Chaplain, Dartmoor Prison wants to be able to give every prisoner and member of staff Dialogue Road Map training and apply it through a variety of in-prison and through-the-gate projects. This is a 2 year undertaking. Our intention is to create a culture change on the inside which translates into self responsibility on release so that we reduce violence in society and therefore reduce the number of victims. We want to make sure that this training reaches prisoners before they re-offend. With such high re-offending rates, it’s crucial that we reach people in prison.

To make this project a reality, The Centre of Peaceful Solutions needs to raise £240,000.

Watch this space for news of our next events

Past Events

Live Mediation Theatre – Kick off event – 28th September 2016

We’re pleased to say this event was a great success and we raised £15,000