The other night I was waking from a deep sleep and suddenly thought of all the people who have helped, supported and loved me. I had an immense feeling of gratitude and it suddenly dawned on me how rarely I express my gratitude for all the world to hear. I remembered an exercise I used to do which is to name 10 things I am grateful for in my life and wondered how I got so busy, I forgot to do it recently.


So here goes. This is the first of a few Public Gratitude sharings that help me to remember I didn’t do any of this by myself and to remind me that it’s important to step back and survey my world with love. And more important for us all to remember out interconnectedness.

My family 

David, my husband. Who tirelessly puts up with me and my obsessive passion for the work. None of this happens without him supporting me. Whether it’s a cup of tea at the right moment or a genius intervention in a crucial project, he’s there. Thank you.


Sam, my son. He unfailingly help me to get the message out. He turns up to my events when I’m sure there are more fun things he could be doing. Thank you


Rosy and Sa’ad. They bring me joy. Thank you


My mum and dad. I’m sure this Maltese heritage has given me something amazing. Although a study of Maltese characteristics among the Maltese reported ‘loud, nosy, religious and short-tempered, while also being ‘hospitable’ as the most typical traits of the Maltese’. Thank you


The team, past and present.


The original team when we set up the charity in 2006: Bethan, Dan, Ed, Barry and the original trustees; David, Mark, Vicky and Graham all made today possible. Thank you.

\The current team; Louisa, Sophie, Anne, Denis, Nicola, Bethan. Our current Trustees; Andrew, Paul, Jacky, Parwais and Nathan; Our Patrons; Roger and Carole. Your support makes us more than the sum of the parts. Thank you.


Everyone who has crossed my path. Every encounter, every conversation and every exchange has been a learning opportunity and a reason to continue. Thank you.


So, who do you have to thank?

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