In this 10th Anniversary year we’ve been reflecting on what we have achieved and where we want to go next. I have spent the last few months connecting with people that have been on Dialogue Road map training and asking them whether the work has supported them beyond the time of the training. Without exception every person I have met has given me responses which confirm that when exposed to the information, it creates an internal shift which affects their choices. It has been fulfilling to hear how using the Dialogue Road Map has helped people at the point of violence both by diverting the potential perpetrator away from desire to attack and giving the potential victim dialogue to disarm their attacker.


We hear significant stories about the sustainability and power of our methodology yet we have very few tools to tell people far and wide. We know that just one tweet from the right person could catapult the Dialogue Road Map into the public eye. Can you help connect us?


We’re holding a fundraising event on 28th September and launching an awareness campaign on the 30th September. Watch this space for more information.

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