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“I didn’t have time to write a short letter so I wrote a long one instead” Mark Twain

Last week I found myself writing a letter of complaint to the named representative of a company I do business with. It ended up being longer than I would have liked so I acknowledged to the recipient that the message had turned out longer than intended.

A couple of days later I realised that it would have been far more effective to have written something much shorter. While I made my points very eloquently and patted myself on the back for taking out any blaming or accusatory language from the original draft, I made a mistake in believing that what I wanted to be heard for, could be covered in a lengthy email instead of by creating human connection on a phone call.

If we want someone to help us out and put things right, then it’s important to create the conditions in which a person will have the goodwill to put in some extra effort. Writing something long does not contribute to creating those conditions. It’s more likely to generate impatience and exasperation. Inviting a dialogue to problem solve is more likely build the kind of relationship from where good things can result.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I’m remembering that human connection is the most likely way for us to make life more wonderful.

The Wednesday Whisper

Is there a situation going on where you could make life more wonderful? How will you do it?

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