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This week

Love and an open heart


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


The Wednesday Whisper

Becoming heart centred…


Do you enjoy the heading of this week’s blog or does the heart and love ‘stuff’ lead you to wince?

How you respond to those words may be an indicator of your capacity to be in the fullness of love, the fullness of your own power and your power to shine.

Opening our heart and becoming heart centred is a risky business. Those that have suffered and not yet healed will spend vast amounts of their own energy (unconsciously) defending, hiding and shut away from love.

It takes a practice of learning and healing to fall in love with yourself before you can open up to everything else. With an open heart you expose yourself to other dynamics and without first loving yourself unconditionally, you may constantly shut your energy on and off with every hurt and disappointment which leads to overload and attract chaos.

The Dialogue Road Map goes beyond the words and into our state of being as we navigate the flow of the conversation, whether that is internal or external.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

This week I had a very heart connected experience. Instead of engaging in the overwhelm of all the tasks mounting up ahead of me, I decided to focus on my heart and connect it to my third eye and to the Higher Power. It was a new exercise and I was walking through a busy thoroughfare. It took a few minutes of breathing into it and suddenly all the people around me (total strangers) became pure love energy. I’ve been fascinated by this experience ever since.


The Wednesday Whisper

Who in your life would like to see you step into the fullness of your love and light?


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