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Who’s ‘saving’ the planet?


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How about loving and respecting the planet and the bounty it provides?

It’s no secret that I take issue with the idea of ‘saving’ the planet. In my understanding, the planet was here long before humans and will probably be here long after humans. Therefore, it follows that what we are trying to ‘save’ is a set of conditions in which humans can exist. And, partly due to some damage we have done, those conditions are fast becoming less likely to continue. Some might argue that the extinction of humans is the best possible outcome for the planet. So, far from ‘saving’, what I prefer to do is love the entire world I live in warts and all and hold an attitude of awe and wonder for everything that I have the privilege of experiencing while respecting the resources.

If I do have an icky feeling, it’s more to do with how we treat each other as a society, and how we’re going to treat each other if and when the shit hits the fan regarding our sustainability if (when?) we find ourselves with mass migration and food shortages. Today, I met a 60 year old man who was affected by the Windrush Scandal. As a country, we treated him appallingly. Discovering, as an adult, that having arrived in the UK at the age of 2, he did not have ‘paperwork’, he was forced to remain in the UK for 11 years because he couldn’t get a passport, while simultaneously coping with the threat of deportation. Another friend of mine waited 10 years for her ‘leave to remain’. As a political refugee, she had had to leave her eldest son behind and during those 10 years he grew up without his Mum. Nobody in the system cared.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

Is this how we want to be together? I believe that the sooner we understand that we’re in this together the sooner we can start the real conversation. When that happens the Dialogue Road Map will be ready to use.

The Wednesday Whisper

Are you considering what’s going to transpire over the next century if parts of the planet become uninhabitable?

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