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What should we be asking ourselves?

The start of a new year somehow warrants a moment of self connection. What is the tone I want to set for 2024? How will it manifest? What shall I leave behind? What shall I look forward to?

In over 25 years of doing this work, the world has changed and so have I, yet the theme is still the same, to reduce unnecessary human suffering.

Conflict, disputes and fighting create a huge amount of unnecessary human suffering and still, the Dialogue Road Map provides a sound methodology for understanding how to reduce the suffering.

Over the last 25 years the DRM has become trauma informed and connected to the spirituality of something greater than our sensory experience, and requires us to make a paradigm shift beyond the individual agenda into a holistic perspective of being part of something larger than just ourselves.

One thing that stands out is how what I tell myself and my attitude, directly affects the experiences I have. One of our DRM Facilitators in Dartmoor has been experiencing exactly that. Last year he made a clear decision to make the best of his life in the limited circumstances of serving a whole 30 year jail sentence. We have been on a journey for the last 5 years and he has faced his demons and found a way to make a contribution to others. That energetic shift has changed his life in tangible ways that I cannot write about publicly but has given him hope for a meaningful life after release.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM supports us to make shifts and changes that connect us to a deeper meaning and purpose. With so much unnecessary human suffering caused by punitive hierarchical systems such as  the Post Office, the Home Office, the Department for Education, the Cabinet, I am imagining that we are on the cusp of a change towards our common humanity and what we are experiencing is the first wave of chaos and resistance of such a change?


The Wednesday Whisper

What are you leaving behind and what are you inviting in?


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