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The lengths we go to

The comedian Bill Burr often refers to being a man and having to keep the emotions down…push them down…don’t let them come up.

In the play, Book of Mormon, there is a satirical song called, ‘Turn it off’ referring to the same thing…not allowing the pain to rise. While the superficial feelings may be outrage, fury or anger, this is just a mask to cover over the deeper feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair or disappointment that are also a cover up for grief.

This week I’m asking us to reflect on all the things we do to avoid feeling the real grief of being human.

Here are some suggestions;

Running from healer to healer or psychic to psychic hoping the pain can be ‘cured’. Using the mainstream fake psychology that is rooted in colonial thinking to learn how much we need to become nice, compliant people. Becoming therapists, lawyers, mediators, judges or other ‘helpers’ and ‘leaders’ to see if we can heal everyone else in the hope it rubs off on us.

Of course this is not the case for everyone. I am just asking us all to check whether we have chosen our path as an expression of love or if, in fact, we have chosen our path as an avoidance, in the hope we can fix something over and over again.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM teaches us that grief is a real plight of the human condition that we can embrace and process rather than manage and avoid. Instead of looking for strategies to fix it, we turn around and face it, dialogue with it and welcome its message. We learn to understand our grief and work out how to allow it in ways which do not sabotage our life and our community.


The Wednesday Whisper

What’s the secret grief you are running from?



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