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Are You In Prison?



Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 



The Wednesday Whisper 



A prison of your own making?

When you put your head on the pillow and the thoughts begin racing…when you find yourself ruminating over situations…when you constantly distract yourself so there is not space to fall in love with yourself, you are actually in prison. A self-made prison that prevents you from enjoying the now.

Living in the past or the future is a prison and the ‘get out of jail card’ is to become present to the current moment.

In the present I do not live under the prospect of what might happen or how things will turn out. I stop strategising g as if I am all alone. I hand it over to nature, the energy, the flow. All I need to do is check whether I have acted within the highest integrity and authenticity that is within my current knowledge. And if I have not, I am truthful to myself. I do not make excuses or blame anyone else. I talk to my shadow to uncover what it is trying to defend. In this dialogue, the captors called fear, guilt and shame have no power over me because I am in full self-love, self-responsibility and self-accountability. This is freedom.

Last week, one of our Prisoner DRM Facilitators explained to me how, in being part of DRM he now understands the difference between self-love and selfish love. He has been a facilitator for 2 years and has undergone a transformation that is beautiful.



Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM is a process of the present moment. We learn how to become present and mindful. We come to see how much we have been separated from the now by the thoughts that keep us in prison.



The Wednesday Whisper

How long have you been in prison? Can you get free?



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