Gerry works in a large dining room which provides around 200 meals a day. As the manager of the dining room he noticed that on some days tensions between diners escalate into arguments and occasionally become physical so he wanted a way to de-escalate arguments quickly while still maintaining inclusivity, dignity and respect for everyone. He attended our DRM 6 day training and made a decision to practice the DRM at work.

With practice and expert supervision from David, Gerry noticed that he was able to ‘interrupt’ arguments with skill and finesse. Gerry reported to us that when he ‘interrupted’ these arguments he was on show as other diners could see what was happening. He noticed that because the outcomes were always positive, the dining room was becoming calmer.

One day, a diner knocked on Gerry’s door and told him that he had a problem with another diner. This was a turning point. In the past this man would have used his fists first. Now he was choosing to ask for help. Now Gerry has another problem; the line of diners that want him to help with their disputes. A better problem to have but still requiring resource. Read next week’s blog to see how we helped Gerry.


Names have been changed.


When arguments arise the most important needs in the moment are being heard and fairness. When others are looking on, they too need to see fairness and empowerment. Using the DRM gives everyone involved the opportunity to choose peace and dialogue. The diners now understand that the dining room is a safe space and want to play their part in maintaining it by dealing with their disputes peacefully.

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