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Which version of me am I right now?

One common mistake we make is believing that all parts of oneself can speak as a unified voice. In reality, we are often ambivalent, fluctuating and even in conflict within ourselves. When we are unable to give voice to all parts, an internal pressure cooker will build up in such a way that external stimuli can blow the valve. So, it’s important to understand how the different parts of us are reacting, responding, growing, shrinking and moving in harmony or in conflict with our environment. This helps us to understand which version of our self is active right now and whether we are content for that version to be our presenter.

Some versions of me are patient, considered, thoughtful and present. Another version of me is impetuous, driven and passionate, and still another version is stoic, single minded and firm .  It’s not about taming, banishing or controlling these versions, it’s about embracing, understanding and nurturing all the versions so that we can discover if any of those versions are ‘false protectors’ – attempting to keep me safe but impacting my ability to be intimate, authentic and genuine. These ‘false protectors’ are the doorway into healing.


Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

This level of presence helps me to make better quality choices about what I engage in based on the values I most want to promote.


The Wednesday Whisper

Which version of you is the most real in your life right now? Is that what you want for yourself?


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