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Doing as we’re told


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Or else?

Sometimes I find myself training people who have the power of enforcement. I find myself saying that people rarely do as they are told and if they do so without checking inside themselves whether they consented, then someone, somewhere will pay for it.

If we have an overarching agreement in place that I put my trust in someone and therefore will take their instruction then I am not ‘doing what I’m told’, I am keeping to an agreement.

If I tell people what to do without that agreement in place and they do it, then I have a duty to check their reason for doing it.

Is it out of trust and love?

Is it out of goodwill?

Is it out of self enlightened interest?

Is it out of fear of punishment?

Is it out of guilt or shame?

You see, if I don’t know a person’s reason for doing what they are told then I have no idea what type of relationship I am building and whether I can call on it when I really need support.

Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

I remember explaining to a panel of investigators and adjudicators for a professional regulator that they did not have the right to tell people what to do. Their role is to let someone know the whole landscape including the consequences of non-cooperation and set them free to make their own choices from a position of knowledge and understanding.

The Wednesday Whisper

Do you tell others what to do? Do you get upset when you don’t get quiet compliance?

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