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Beyond the five senses

When we free ourselves of the material and the mundane we come to sense a presence, an energy, a connection bigger than ourselves. Some call this presence God, or Allah, or the source, or the divine, or the infinite spirit, or oneness. This presence speaks in whispers. It will not demand your attention or threaten you. Through meditation we can train ourselves to find the stillness in which we can hear the guidance. The path to that stillness is prioritising healing and forgiveness before fear, guilt and shame.

Once we accept and trust that this guidance is freely available, life becomes easier because we realise are not solo. When we cannot be in the present feeling the presence, we are unable to trust, so we rely on our own strength and this is exhausting and debilitating. In this state we lose the ability to trust a plan that is bigger than our self.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM connects us to the stillness needed to get into the habit of asking for guidance within these core principles:

  • Only ask for what you want out of the highest spirit of truth and compassion.
  • Clean your asking of any harm or harmful thoughts towards yourself, others or the entire eco-system.
  • Be specific in your asking and that your asking is for the highest good


The Wednesday Whisper

What is your highest truth? Where do you seek guidance?


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