Gun Fire Strikes Three in Hempstead

During our visit, 3 teenagers were shot on the infamous Terrace Avenue. This kind of violence happens frequently in Hempstead. In our experience it never fails to shock the community and we sense the grief of a community that desperately wants to heal but keeps on getting re-traumatised.


At times like this and in the face of so much violence the Dialogue Road Map seems totally inadequate so we brought together community members, gave them some training and asked them how the Dialogue Road Map could be useful. The end result was the birth of Hempstead Healing Circles.


Centre for Peaceful Solutions

The group could see how unresolved disagreement can result in unresolved arguments building the resentment, distrust and hostility which leads to shootings and other violence. The group were really interested in how the Dialogue Road Map helps people to enter into a conversation which works to maintain dignity, respect and equality even when people disagree. And, then seeks to find unity, connection and empathy for each other as human beings even when we don’t know how to bridge the differences. The purpose is to allow healing rather than create suffering in the face of opposition.


Of course, this isn’t an easy thing to do, because mainstream society operates on Domination Culture which teaches us to argue our case and use force to get our way to prevail. It’s easy to see that Domination Culture is unsustainable – just look at Brexit, the US presidential elections, the banking system and our contributions to the Middle East. I maintain that peaceful coexistence is human nature and painful division is programmed into people.

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