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When empowerment and positivity have little regard for community.

My inbox has been full of well-meaning approaches from highly experienced, well versed service providers who want to engage me in a conversation that will lead me to spend my hard-earned on learning how to lead a better, happier, simpler, me-focussed, money making, successful, abundant and wealthy life without having to engage in any form of spiritual practice, inner undoing or conflict management. In fact, all I have to do to banish all triggering negativity, say some affirmations and never engage in that which I find upsetting and my life will be transformed.

At one seminar I witnessed, a participant stood up and reported to the teacher that she had so taken these principles to heart, and the words had hit home so well, that she had, in the break, called her PA (the third one in a row of wrong hires) and instantly dismissed her. This was a few days before Christmas. The room applauded. I left.

I don’t think the teacher expected this outcome but the teacher did nothing to address it preferring not to disturb the mass euphoria.  In a room full of 50 people, it’s hard to know how anyone is interpreting the material. This participant interpreted it with no regard for the direct and indirect consequences and impact of her decision on others. I suspect she will go on to make a fourth bad hire.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

In 2020 I stand firm that truly addressing the conflict, even when it hurts, is the most important way we can grow. And for that we need the right tools.


The Wednesday Whisper

Do you need a conflict clear out for the New Year?


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