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Accepting the truth

Freedom is such an important need. Many of us never give it a thought because our freedoms are intact in as much as we can choose to change our lives if we really wanted to.

Yet, on another level, anxiety, stress, conflict, fatigue and insomnia keep us trapped, and in that place, we are never free. Freedom on this level can only be attained through acceptance.

Acceptance means being at one with the truth of our situation and embracing it rather than resisting it, denying it or avoiding it. When we resist, deny or avoid, we lead a life of distraction where we work very hard to stay one step ahead of the truth because we fear what we will feel if the truth caught up with us. This is an exhausting way to live.

Accepting the truth is accepting every part of me and how those parts affect my situation.

To accept and embrace my reality is to put myself in the driving seat of my life. From this place, I can make better quality choices about what I want to change and find the skills, tools and resources to effect those changes.

This is the path to freedom.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

DRM Facilitators help participants to find compassionate honesty within themselves. Truth does not have to be brutal. Acceptance does not mean doing nothing about it.


The Wednesday Whisper

Are there truths you avoid about your life? What would it be like to confront those truths?



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