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How do I avoid conflict?

If you really want to avoid being in conflict with other people then, find a secluded log cabin in the forest to live in and stay away from people.

Often, when I’m asked that question, what really I’m being asked is how do I deal with my fear of getting into a fight that becomes more painful than I can stand and renders me powerless? How do I know if I can trust myself or the other person to talk about the problem in a way that serves resolution?

The answer to this question does not lie in techniques or skills, it lies in attitude and belief.

The question to reflect on is, ‘What changes can I make in order to see conflict as an opportunity for healing?’ and, ‘How would that change my reactions and responses in the face of conflict with another person?’

Conflict can be a very harsh teacher or it can be a graceful learning opportunity.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM relies on an understanding that conflict is a natural part of being human and the problems lie with how we understand it and what we tell ourselves about it. Seeking support is the first step in loving ourselves through the journey of conflict to healing.


The Wednesday Whisper

What conflict do you have in your life that you are avoiding? How could you find the learning?



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