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Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 



The Wednesday Whisper 


How do we know what is real?

Our brains produce an internal representation of our external reality along with an image of who and what we are within that reality. If we accept that representation without possibility for expansion then we do not grow. If we defend that representation when other people represent reality differently then conflict is likely to arise which may even evolve into a dispute or full blown war if the willingness to imagine other representations is repressed.

In the world of restorative justice, nonviolence, conflict resolution and mediation, the imagination is an important tool in expanding the possibilities for shared truths, common understanding and effective agreements.

Getting to a sustainable agreement requires us to imagine it, become aware of what needs to change and then create an agreement with a timed, measurable action plan.

Since we are capable of imagining other realities and bringing them into being, who is to say what is actually real?


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM is a wonderful tool for managing interpretations and perceptions, and allowing space for many interpretations and perceptions without having to be definitive, and mobilising our power to work towards a higher common purpose.


The Wednesday Whisper

What do you imagine that is different to the reality you created? Can you imagine love and joy, hold it in awareness and then bring it into your reality?



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