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What lengths do you go to be more lovable? What do you do, that, if truly left to your own devices, you would not do?

Do you over explain? Do you go the extra mile when you really don’t want to? Do you give more than you really want to?

You see, if you suffered any form of emotional neglect in your upbringing, (and let’s face it, how many children are truly heard in our society?) then you become vulnerable to an unconscious belief that if you can only get others to see, hear and understand you better, then you might get the love you have been yearning for all your life. So you over do things. You give gifts that are over generous. You explain things in more detail than is needed. You do one more task than is necessary.

And when we behave that way we have no awareness of how that is being received so we become less likely to get the love we need as people are put off. Except of course those who over take and then we mix the perfect toxic cocktail.


Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

Oh I’ve been there and it took a long time to understand this is a state that needs healing because it’s easy to fool oneself into the idea that I am being kind. The medicine is learning how to be the loving parent to the neglected inner child so that the child can move over and allow the adult to show up and live a balanced life.


The Wednesday Whisper

Are there areas in your life where you over give? Do you want to heal from this?


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