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Emotional Self Sufficiency 

The times we live in, the stresses of everyday life and the toxic culture of giving without tending to self care leads many people towards the self help industry.

Much of this self help encourages the idea that we can be emotionally self sufficient and not need anyone else.

This is a terrible response to life’s tensions and is really conflict avoidance dressed up as self care.

Connectedness is a fundamental human need. Our nervous systems are built for it, and our ability to feel safe in the world is directly related to how connected we are to others.

Learning how to be connected in trust with others is a healthy way to live.

It requires us to learn to love ourself so much that we can be confident that how we respond to conflict and adversity will keep us grounded in the realisation that interdependence with every living thing is a fact of life.


Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

The last few weeks have been a time for family and celebration. Our connectedness has been a source of nourishment.

The Wednesday Whisper

Are there any areas of disconnection in your life that could do with a make over?


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