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The Wednesday Whisper 


Which way round is it?

Sometimes, I have been told I am intimidating. I have been told I am scary. I have been told I don’t take prisoners. I have also been told I am compassionate, patient, loving, generous and kind.

What is it that others experience when they are in my presence? What is the reflection they are seeing or the projection they are making?

What is the basis of the relationship in which the other person will make such judgements?

What is it I provoke in others by the way I am present in the world?

What is it in others that blames me for how they feel?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I continuously sit with myself and ask myself one question. What else in me needs cleaning so that I can be love?

This has been a powerful inward journey in which I have no desire to defend myself or correct anyone’s image of me. I only have an invitation. ‘What level of intimacy are you willing to engage in with me so we can truly see each other?’

And I have little expectation of the invitation being taken up. But when it is, and when we mutually agree to invest and to stay with it, invincible relationships are formed.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM teaches us that blame and judgements are only expressions of unhealed wounds and supports us to find the medicine.


The Wednesday Whisper

Who do you blame for how you feel? Who blames you for how they feel? What’s the antidote?


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