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Can you be part of our mission?

If you follow this blog then you know about our project in Dartmoor Prison. You also know that my blog is a heartfelt gift with what I hope is a weekly point of mindfulness.

If you know anything about the charity, you know that we work very hard to be self sustaining through our small chain of charity shops.

If you know anything about me as Founder, you know that I rarely go out and ask people for money.

This week I am asking for a point of mindfulness towards a specific project.

I invite you to look inside yourself, feel into your heart and ask yourself whether you can make a financial contribution to our crowdfunder campaign without stretching beyond what you can joyfully afford to give.

If you can, you will be part of creating a safer society as we work with the rehabilitation of prisoners to reduce re-offending.


Maria’s Mindfulness Moment

We are opening two new shops over the coming months and there is a gap between starting the project and when the shops will generate the funds to sustain the project.


The Wednesday Whisper

Will you help bridge the funding gap?


Will you help us with ‘Life After Prison’?

Our new Crowdfunder page

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