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High standards

A certain senior politician has been accused of bullying. Some call it abusive supervision. In any event he denies it. He claims he has ‘high standards’.

Isn’t that interesting?

How do we determine what is bullying and what is holding high standards?

Pretty easy.

In a workplace, if a person has the power to create fear and division and then does so, that person requires correction. If that person also has direct and indirect power to affect your standing, your career and your ability to come to work in a pleasant atmosphere then they need to be removed until they learn to do things differently. It doesn’t matter what tone of voice or language they use. If a person declares themselves as holding ‘high standards’ but hasn’t properly assessed whether those ‘standards’ are attainable within the resources available, that person requires re-education. If a person causes injury, loss or harm to another there needs to be an examination of what happened and what needs to change.  All of these things are the consequence of an inhuman mainstream system that is fuelled by control and privilege.


If a person has a meltdown, raises their voice, maybe even swears and it is immediately followed by regret, willingness to be vulnerable and an admission of ‘losing it’, authentically hearing the impact on others, checking on the resources available and adjusting to ensure the goals, targets and tasks are attainable within the scope of our humanity, then that is just someone being human.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

I love taking the Dialogue Road Map into workplaces and demonstrating how being human gets everyone better results.


The Wednesday Whisper

Have you been rendered powerless in a workplace? How did you heal?

Are you fearful in your workplace? How are you coping? Is it worth it?


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