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A mindful Practice

In my work, I have often heard this phrase. ‘You don’t know what’s it’s like to live in my head’.

It sounds like quite a burden. But what if we can choose our thoughts?

Like anything, it requires a change process that starts with an inventory.

This inventory will take some time. Call it ‘Time In’. A regular slot each day for 6 weeks where we mindfully notice how what we tell ourselves is affecting our experience of life.

  • What is occupying space in my head that isn’t paying rent?
  • How do those thoughts affect me?
  • Is there any wisdom or learning in these thoughts?
  • How does this enrich my life?
  • What of these thoughts are depressing and not constructive to my life?

Notice what you think about, notice patterns and notice how you are experiencing life. Tell yourself that anything less than joyful is not OK. Joyful doesn’t necessarily mean easy or simple. It means opening up to learning, flowing and awakening our spirit to the wonder of being alive. Change may take time but if you don’t get started you’ll be in the same position in 3 month’s time.

The inventory is a great annual practice, like a spring clean and stock taking.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM supports participants thought this process. For some, the process may be a relatively easy process, for others getting started, being consistent or giving yourself this gift may seem impossible. In these cases, it’s just a matter of recognising you need support and reaching out.

Keeping yourself in good mindful shape is a gift to everyone around you


The Wednesday Whisper

Can you give yourself this gift? What support do you need?



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