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Mind The Gap

There is a place. It is sacred. It is the space of a thousand possibilities. It resides ‘in between’. In between the exhale and the inhale. In between the stimulus and your response. In between your sight, smell or taste and what you perceive. In between what someone says and how you reply. In between what you see and how you interpret it. In between seeing the food and picking up the fork. In between opening your front door and what you do next.

This is the place of mindful choosing or Pavlovian conditioning.

This is where you can awaken, review, learn, grow and choose.

It where we can look at our ‘autopilot’ and discover whether it is serving us or we are serving it.

Sincerely, mind the gap.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM is built on energetic practices that start with breathing. Breathing corresponds to giving and receiving. In the gap after the exhale and before the inhale we recognise the moment of abundance. This is our starting point. No amount of learning words and how to speak will be sustainable if we haven’t mastered the basics of life sustaining breath.


The Wednesday Whisper

Can you find a gap in your every day life and review what you say or do in response? Is it life serving?



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