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A Call To Action

As war rages on, as the waste of God given resources continues, and as politics divides and separates, we are bound to feel despair. The world is on an unprecedented rate of change that seems beyond our control. Threat to people, places and planet are all around us. This despair is not personal, it is the despair of the world. We can brush it to one side, pretend we can’t do anything about it and hibernate it because the enormity of what is happening is too big to contemplate, or we can understand the call to action. The call to action I speak of is not about protests or disruption, though these things are also necessary to bring attention to the pain, it is a call to find a community of love. A place of peace that is not passive but active. A call to feel the pain as a group and turn to love. A call to feel the wonder of being alive even when the prognosis is less than bright. A call to find the capacity to look up and let the light in. An opportunity to live and not become nice, dead and passive.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 

The DRM gives us the tools to work at an individual, community and systemic level to enjoy fierce love.


The Wednesday Whisper

What parts of you have ‘died’? How can you come to life and feel the pain?


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